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Moscow Penthouses

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In Moscow, there is increased demand for apartments on the upper floors of buildings, the so-called penthouses. People who love luxury and comfort and who have the means to seek to acquire a secluded private housing in prestigious areas of Moscow. However, because of the peculiarities of construction in the central area from developers is not always possible to build a real penthouse, because the height of the buildings is almost the same. But, if so is building the penthouse, the scale affect its value, and the inner filling of luxury. Buyers of this level do not spare money for luxury and beauty, so developers tend to create the most perfect and exclusive interiors. Sometimes, owners of apartments on the upper floors of the penthouse are trying to make what is, buying back home on the floor below, and make multi-level apartments, which are sometimes referred to as the class penthouses. This is due primarily to the fact that the number of proposals in the property market is too small and the demand for exclusive housing at times exceeds the supply. Number of wealthy citizens in Russia is growing every day and each of them tends to emphasize their own importance and privilege, and a penthouse way to highlight the status of the owner.

Room for rent – penthouse apartment impresses the general consumer, the square meter of such housing may cost more than the "square" flat elite level. The average cost of penthouses in Moscow between 12 and 5 thousand dollars to 45 thousand dollars for the quarter. pm, depending on the location of and level of the building. The classic penthouse may include apartments on the upper floors of skyscrapers mibc "Moscow City", their owners will enjoy the unique views of the capital from a height of 69 floors. There are also upscale penthouses, and other residential complexes, but their number is still small, so that would meet customer demand.


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