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When we propose as a goal obtaining financial resources to purchase housing, it is important to take into account the legal provisions that in the field of housing policy, are existing in Venezuela. This is how the needy population of solving the housing problem view with hope the use of the housing system that allows you to access the financial resources under advantageous conditions. However, when you start the credit process, presents many doubts, that hinder us in our endeavours to achieve the cherished dream of become the owner of a home ownership. Housing policy contemplates that a family is to be beneficiary of the credit, you must meet a series of requirements to gain access to this source of funding. Among the requirements we have the obligation to be an active contributor of the mandatory savings fund for housing, known as FAOV, with a minimum of twelve quotations, whether consecutive or not.

Other aspects that contemplates regulations of housing policy, is to have the sufficient income to meet the monthly mortgage. For this purpose the borrower not may undertake more than thirty percent of your monthly income. To start the application process, you must have a map that guides so that our insistence of its fruits with the approval of the credit. The dossier must be complete and be submitted in a timely manner. Then let’s see the phases of this process: determine what the maximum amount of the mortgage loan.

Search for housing that does not exceed the value of the loan. Prepare the documents that required me by the Bank, which shall contain all the information that the financial operator has indicated to us. Appraisal of the property. Preparation for the signing of mortgage in the public registry. The credit management lasts approximately four months from the time the application is submitted until it is approved the credit and signature in the registry. Basically documents requesting the Bank to approve the provision of housing policy are: personal documents. Demonstrative documents of the income. Documents of the warranty or to purchase property. Documents of the sellers. Important in a process of housing policy is to be clear about what documents or necessary precautions and have lots of patience to see the fruit of our effort at the end.


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