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Liver Toxins

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The fight against industrial poisons – this is an additional burden on the liver, which eventually may be partially or even completely paralyze the activity of the liver on the metabolic toxins. However, this is not the only cause of liver dysfunction. A survey of American bodybuilders living in areas with more or less clean environment, showed that many of them have a hidden form of dysfunction liver. The explanation is simple. The liver is unable to cope with the amount of toxic products of protein metabolism, which is formed through consumption of huge portions of protein, especially in the form of concentrated powders. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the liver of bodybuilders and both working at the limit due to the heavy stress of training. They are also accompanied by the formation of large amounts of internal toxins. As a result, the liver can not cope with tumbled on her workload and sick. How to help your own liver? Since the liver – is a real filter, it must first clean the filter. Do it is not difficult: it is enough to sit a week or two to rice-vegetable diet.

Thus it is necessary to completely eliminate receiving any proteins, including protein. And just like a good bath or sauna. Expelled from the liver toxins come out with next. At the same time you need to drink a lot clean water – not less than two liters a day. The kidneys begin to work in emergency mode, speeding up removal of toxins. But fasting for cleansing the liver is not necessary. The fact is that during fasting the body extracts energy from internal tissues, breaking down the protein cells. Learn more on the subject from lyft. This process is accompanied by the release of toxic substances, causing the liver to work forcefully. However, the above procedure detoxification – for those who cleanses the liver prophylactically. If the liver is a serious problem, you’ll have to see a doctor and undergo special treatment. How to put yourself diagnosed? To begin with, that disturbances in the liver may manifest as chronic fatigue and general minor ailments which bodybuilder often mistakenly regarded as a sign of overtraining.

Other symptoms are: You wake up at night from what you are hot and stuffy, and you quickly got drunk, even a small fraction of alcohol, and after heavy meal you a little sickened, no feeling of satiety and satisfaction. Another extremely important symptom – a loss of flexibility of joints. When violations of the liver joints “Dry”, they like not enough lubrication. If you feel that you find it difficult to bend your knees or joints of the hands, you should always consult a doctor. If you find that your liver is really surprised, do not panic. Modern medicine is strong enough to cope with this kind of dysfunction. After a course of treatment you will be completely healthy and able to return to the gym.


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