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An investment of the Nintendo console where it is unlimited and always playing, no matter who loves not worth this possibility. You have to someone or wait on something and want to pass the time, an opportune time to get the tried and tested and to start playing. Before the Smartphones and tablets flooded the market, there were the game boy by Nintendo in 1990. But the latest replace the good old mobile console? Nintendo brought a fun innovation on the market, which was only superseded by the development of smartphones with the game boy in 1990. Nobel Laureate in Economics is likely to agree. Since then, loses more and more market share with the Group and could not catch up even with the expansion of their product range with Nintendo DS and DS Lite and 3DS, 3DS Lite.

Although they have achieved a total profit of 171 million by the first half of 2012. But compared to the iPhone (since first publication with 235,43 million) it looks more precarious in temporal point of view, because the Smartphones are becoming more popular, so that even without the genuine test 2 million iPhones of the sixth generation have been ordered. The sales figures go back at Nintendo. Before the iPhone, ran the Nintendo DS consoles and its extension Lite, which has smaller, faster and longer battery life in very well over the counter and could have very good sales figures. They have bribed the innovative handling with the new design, which took in many popular. But if you have such a device, has any problem with the game console usually after a while.

Because the Nintendo DS Lite is, for example, very small and narrow, should be considered in any case consider that you send it to a repair service. Here, one or the other comes first and foremost on the idea that the manufacturer is the best choice. But this is expensive and the repair can take up to several weeks waiting time claims can take. It is easier to select a regional or at least nationwide repair service here. This can not only cheaper offer the repair, but organize a much shorter duration of the repair. This is the cause that this mostly to have their main business and mostly spare parts available or in stock.


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