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New release flexibility, speed and usability in focus Berlin, January 19, 2010, you know what’s coming: the datango AG (www.datango.de), specialist in E-learning and electronic performance support systems, is equipped for future demands in the digital age of learning. It presents 2010 a system with the datango performance suite, which is more aligned to the needs of the company and user. Gain knowledge, share and store is in the foreground. The datango performance suite\”(dps) supports companies for years to overcome software boundaries. It promotes understanding of employees for complex business applications by making them familiar them in the training environment as well as for practical use with the procedures. Without fear of mistakes, with independence and individual learning staff get so quickly to the target.

This company their software environments in the future for changing conditions like tight schedules, heterogeneous infrastructures and employee turnover as well as the increasing number of Teleworkern can be developed datango the new version of its learning platform. The dps 2010 \”offers the following new features: instant producer: process documentation, simulations, and knowledge preservation immediately without prior datango training carried out. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7. Performance of the central work area and only a fraction of the previous processing time collaborators increased by up to 60%. Books for the soft skill content quickly in each language transferable. Optimization Wizard of shortcut in the navigation, as well as the re – recording functions (E.g. bubbles right now in editable WYSIWYG).

In detail this means: the instant producer offers an integrative tool for work documentation and short-term creating of learning units subject matter experts (SMEs), Keyusern, and external consultants. The result: Intuitive quick content creation without any prior knowledge. To better support especially multi authors teams, were other functions of the producers in the collaborator ported. So for example project managers find settings and features of the producers here.


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