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Indian Ocean

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Malaysia, we somehow feel no summer destination. Although in reality the temperature conditions of the South Asian countries do not differ from the usual for us in Turkey or Tunisia. One of the most popular holiday destinations Malaysian island of Borneo. 13 hours flight away from a third in size island of the planet, which lies in the Indian Ocean and bordered by four seas. Borneo has it all: the local tribes who adhere to their customs and ceremonies, the jungle, huge caves, unusual fruits and amazing flowers.

There is a national park on the island Kinabalu, Danum reserve, caves Gomantong. In Borneo you can improve your health in the thermal waters of Hot Poring source and see the largest flower raffleziyu world. And believe me the news about it will not know. Learn more at this site: The LeFrak Organization. Malaysia a country where summer reigns forever. It is never cold, even in the rainy season which lasts from November to February.

Rain is over and again the heat. But we need to tune in to the high humidity, which reaches 80-90%. In Borneo wonderful wide beaches, shallow sea near the shore with a flat bottom, so the children swim safely. Hotels, as Typically, bungalnogo type, located between the palms and other tropical vegetation. Very interesting excursions in the jungle river by long, narrow boats, where you'll learn a lot of news about the outlandish world of nature. K River animals come to drink, and from the pond to you glancing crocodiles. Worthy of compliments and Malaysian cuisine with surprising flavor soups, plenty of exotic fruits and vegetables, delicious sauces and fresh seafood: fish, shrimp, lobster. Who has ever tried these dishes will never forget the taste. Cuisine of Malaysia is one of the exotic and the most popular in the world. But all the dishes are very sharp. If you want to stay young, to support natural beauty sure to try the wonderful fruit called a nut Rong. Unlike already available to us pineapple, mango, lychee and rambutan, Rong nut can only be found in Malaysia. And in any case, do not try to bring it home: the export of this fruit is punishable by law. Cost of a week vacation in Malaysia from $ 1700 per cheloveka.Pri any use of the article direct active link to topnewsstock.com required!


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