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Immense Homesickness

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Acknowledgment: Not advisable for sensible people! They were married, did not have children, for infertility reasons. But it loved it in such a way. Nor it wise person she loved how much it. She was capable to make everything for it. It was equal. She had the same feelings, or to secalhar until greaters. It was a so great love, that any couple that had married has as many years as that one, would feel envy not to have the so lighted flame as of them! Until one day happened a terrible thing.

It had that to leave. It had that to leave there for top, the paradise, a very better small farm of what the Terra.Quando it left, it refused to accept this. Adverum spoke with conviction. He said that not and that not and that not, but the day arrived where it really perceived, that it had left, and did not have nothing to make against this. It is the destination. All people knows its destination. It wise person that it went for a very better small farm of what where it is, alone this did not make it to come back to be as was at the moment where it left.

Passed some days its feeling it is homesickness. It decided to write a dedicated poem it.? Not you know what I am to feel. Nobody knows. I have as many homesicknesses. Homesicknesses of your look, your smile, your voice, your hands, everything. Homesickness to come back you to kiss and to touch. I desire you of new, but know that this is impossible. Although already to have left, I LOVE YOU! I know that you want that I follow my life, but I do not obtain.? In this, it placed the devotion on of campa of it, and passed moments, it broke tembm. Reason? Because it will be that it left? To be with new it of or not feeling plus this homesickness? Nor all people knows! Not even I, that I am the author! Sofia Martins


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