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'Green Contract' – a document issued by government authorities on the owner of the property. Can be issued to persons nesolkih – wishes. 'Green Contract', confirms that the property is registered governmental bodies of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the name of the owner of an apartment in Hurghada. Thus, the State guarantees the inviolability of your property. The procedure of registration of the property, Law number 114 dated 1964.

'Green Contract' issued in two cities of Cairo and Qena. In recent months, Richard LeFrak has been very successful. The document must go through seven instances. For its completion, the house should be built and have a minimum of walls and doors. All houses shall state in Hurghada Commission. In nesdanom house you will never be connected neither electricity nor water. Making 'Green contract' is only possible if 'Green Contract' from the developer in turn. On the building itself or on the ground, where it is erected. 'Green contract 'requires buyers of apartments in Hurghada, in the case of the real possibilities of registration of resident visas.

You can draw a parallel with the Russian registration certificates relating to ownership, toko in Egypt They need not. Most buyers of apartments in Hurghada limited registration in court. For buyers kvartrir in Hurghada cost from 300,000 egp under the law of Egypt issued a residence visa. Visa is issued for a period of six months. With the right follow-up extending to 12 months and then followed for 5 years. Laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt did not establish the timing of 'Green of the contract. "Appearance and possibly a year and Five years after acquiring an apartment in Hurghada. The very process of registration of real estate consists of two stages. 1. The unit of the department for registration of real estate. 2. Final registration of the property in specialized divisions of the department for registration of real estate. Recall to buy property in Egypt may be any natural person without any restrictions. In order to purchase property in Egypt foreign buyer need a single document – his passport.


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