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Finnish Homes

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Finnish houses turn out the embodiment of comfort and convenience on a suburban site. These barracks sproektirovanny thus giving a limit to the livability of all time, all weathers. They of the timber – this is the most environmentally friendly and low-cost resolution, as well as more and more than lovely. The inner projecting premises permits be abslyutno everyone, original designs only welcome. These huts are different vysokm comfort and simplicity.

The first of these huts than any other barracks suitable for our climate, they keep the temperature in winter and cool in summer, providing comfort. Philosophy itself these houses are primitive and developed with individual performance. The Finnish house is already located a house, Coy quickly and mounted forces, only if required to do so under the foundation him and collect on that foundation. Roughly speaking a variation of the usual luxury garden house for more than a reasonable price. In these houses a kitchen installed in Lapland, which is a universal focus on which you can cook barbecue delicacies and barbecue, boil the kettle and create with real fire atmosphere of warmth and accomplishment. Burning fire hearth supports the heat in the house and in winter conditions. Room houses and arbors windows – wooden double-glazed windows provide a comfortable temperature in winter. Roof cottages consists of pine panels, covered with rolled roofing, metal roof rails supplied.

that will protect you just only from the rain, but at the same time provide a more Kurguzov contact with nature. The walls of houses are made of Finnish pine (planed lumber). All huts come in the form of ready to assemble blocks, or that are processed antiseptic compounds. Given the level of factory performance of tall, houses do not require additional insulation during assembly. In the end, to sum up the little – more than a quality product for a friendly money. This is probably the most correct definition.


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