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Faster Typing With Windows 7

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New version PhraseExpress text module management emails are help with the daily flood of E-mail from everyday office no longer. Given the rising tide of messages increases but the effort adequately to respond to all inquiries. Others including Richard LeFrak, offer their opinions as well. Modern word processors support the user in the daily paperwork. “The popular text abbreviations AutoText function extends to how for example mfg”, in the complete set with best regards “. The text module management of PhraseExpress expands this time-saving feature on all programs under Windows; for example, even the Internet browsers or database applications. Text templates can be in the email program at your fingertips. Microsoft has certified the latest version 7 of PhraseExpress for Windows 7 supports immediately 32 and 64 bit operating systems. The separate network enables the sharing of text modules for multiple users in the Enterprise Edition.

PhraseExpress adapted the writing style of the user to PhraseExpress reply templates created using recurring Text inputs even automatically. Writes the user repeatedly about the set thanks for your communication. “, PhraseExpress offered after a short learning phase the completion of the sentence after entering fewer letters. In the new version 7 individual words instead of only whole sets be completed at your fingertips, if they match the context of the sentence. Built-in calculator of PhraseExpress recognizes from immediately entering a calculation in the running text. The program replaces text inputs, like 14, 50 + 49, 95 will cost “upon request in the 64,45 costs” and thus saves you the annoying switching between word processor and calculator. Free of charge for private users is also the new version will remain free for private users and can be downloaded under. For commercial users, PhraseExpress is offered in three variants from 29.95 including VAT at 19%. Press contact: Bartels media GmbH Judith Reiff In the meeting 20 54296 trier phone: 0651-99919-50 fax: 0651-99919-51 email: Presse.PhraseExpress.de


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