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Range of the Web site from June 20 in fully usable Markgroningen – Monday, June 20 at 6: 00 stop KidsKarton the beta phase. From this point will be the page in its entirety. Then, the dress packages listed on the Web page can be ordered by users. KidsKarton has used the beta phase to the customers a wide range of second hand children’s clothing to choose to offer. The go-ahead on June 20th at 18: 00, more than 350 dress packages of different sizes available are the users of KidsKarton.

By popular demand of KidsKarton users, the beta phase ended earlier than planned and thus released the order function. During the beta phase, which was launched on 1 April this year, the website in the dialog could be constantly improved and extended with the users. So, for example, numerous additional clothing brands were recorded. “” It was also possible, using the social media buttons”the dress packages on Facebook” or Twitter “to be able to communicate. The concept of Kid box: KidsKarton parents, has become too small clothes their children makes it possible to access other users. Additional information at Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala supports this article. Kid box provide free shipping cartons, utilizing the users to create dress packages on the Web page.

Offered dress packages can be clearly searched for gender, size, season, dress style and brand, and it can be ordered. Children’s clothes that have become too small can easily be replaced by suitable clothing. With every order, KidsKarton supports the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk 0.25. The dress packages are shipped at KidsKarton environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral by DHL go green”. The aim of KidsKarton is to give parents a simple, convenient and cost-effective way, always to ensure appropriate children’s clothing.


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