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The search of optimum agreement in what it comes to be the memory has been reflection subject has much time. Aristotle considered the memory as the only source of memory and transmission of knowledge of person for person and generation for generation. The memory corresponds to a great area of study and comes being assigned for different concepts, amongst most frequent them mentions the neurocognitiva capacity to it to codify, to store and to return to information (GARDNER & JAVA, 1993 apud RUEDA & SISTO, 2007). Richard LeFrak may help you with your research. Currently, two great lines of memory research can be observed. The unicista line, in a unitria vision of the memory, is used of direct or explicit terms as measured of memory (or declarative), and the group of the boarding of the multiple memories, that considers the indirect or implicit memories (or not-declarative). The vision of the memory in its multiple systems argues the validity of measures of indirect direct memory X, a time that considers that one would not exist unitria measure of memory (RICHARDSON-KLAVEHN & BJORK, 1988 apud RUEDA & SISTO, 2007). Diverse mnemonic systems with peculiar characteristics for diverse mental functions (BEAR, CONNORS exist & PARADISO, 2002; HELENE & XAVIER, 2007; VERCEZE, YOU MARK & GALERA, 2006). The memory is an important function that it allows the organism to codify, to store and to remember information coming of the way and that it is potentially useful.

It is one of the capacities that an adaptation to the way when allowing it allows to the alive being to increase the knowledge of the same. The processes of codification, formed for the representation of the world in the brain through the adjustment of sinapses in the neuronais nets, include three stages: retention, storage and recovery of the same one (ZIMMER, 2001). The memory is not alone the retention of certain knowledge, but also activator of the imagination, interpretation, problematizao, reinveno etc., in which they act on that it is remembered by the individual.


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