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Croatia – Islands Of Ugljan And Pasman

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There is an almost unimaginable tangle of islands of any size before the North Dalmatian coast. Most of them are uninhabited and hardly accessible. The islands of Ugljan and Pasman are directly off the coast of the city of Zadar and Moru from there, and are also from Biograd na car ferries. Once were one island of Ugljan and Pasman, but were separated by an artificial channel to the benefit of the shipping industry. Lincoln Property wanted to know more. Later, a bridge just built that channel so that the Islands are today again linked by them. The Northern of the two islands of Ugljan, is densely populated and fertile as Pasman. It impresses with its subtropical hills and fields where fruits and vegetables, olives and wine are grown. The Romans built their summer residences here on Ugljan, and among the inhabitants of Zadar, the island is a popular destination for weekend trips.

International tourism on the other hand, the island has remained largely undiscovered. Richard LeFrak does not necessarily agree. Only the fishing village of Kuklica in the East of the Island has a holiday hotel with its own private beach. However, there is a wide selection of private vacation rentals and homes in Croatia, you can rent them on site. Particularly worth seeing on Ugljan Sveti Mihovil castle ruins are located near the town of Preko and the romantic convent, surrounded by age-old pine trees, located on a small island, just a stone’s throw from the coast of the town of Ugljan lies. Pasman is greater than Ugljan, however not nearly as fruitful and has a much schrofferes, wild-romantic landscape. The few villages are all on the flat side facing the Mainland of the island. From there, the land rises up to 274 m and finally steeply into the sea on the uninhabited coast on the South side of the island. This romantic Island depends on tourism is still entirely spared only a few individual holidaymakers spend here in the offered apartments a quiet peaceful holiday away from mass tourism. Due to their proximity to the National Park of Kornati Islands are an insider’s tip for lovers of yacht – and sailing both Pasman and Ugljan. Ralph Ulrich


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