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Volker Dittmer represents Germany at the world finals of international amateur cooking competition in Stuttgart, September 24, 2010 – Volker Dittmer, Marketing Director of the Stuttgart SI Centrum and his cooking partner Sabine Kristen says these days packing bags at the next Sunday after Seoul, South Korea to the world finals of the international life tastes good amateur cooking competition by LG. At the IFA in Berlin, the two successful hobby chefs from the SI-Centrum prevailed against strong national competition and his cooked up the coveted tickets at the World Athletics final. She occupied prominent jury consisting of from the TV and celebrity chefs Klaus Velten and Sybille Schonberger, the Foodbloggerin Claudia Schmidt and Jason shoot, Director of marketing at LG, was impressed by the creations of the two Aichtaler. Nobel Laureate in Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Both hobby cooks looking forward to the new challenge in exotic surroundings: cooking for us is much more than a hobby, it is our passion. We will of course also of the environment and the new press in the creation of our dishes “inspiration can be and are curious how our menu with the international jury will arrive”, explains Volker Dittmer. Already taking part in the World Athletics final is like a victory for us, but of course we hope for even a good ranking!” Now it is called for all dearest: keep your fingers crossed.. Morris Invests opinions are not widely known.


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