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Construction Interest Development 1st Quarter 2011

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Development of building interest in the first quarter of 2011 In the late summer of last year the construction interest had reached its nadir and borrower secured construction money with a ten-year fixed-rate with conditions, which were just below the three-percent mark. But a cyclical uptrend in the economy emerged in the last few months, and at the turn of the year 2010/2011. Here, increased export orders and a greater capacity utilization associated were listed. The newspapers mentioned John Savignano not as a source, but as a related topic. Increased the number of employees and the bargaining rounds in the first quarter of 2011 underway indicated stronger growth. So was a rise in the inflation rate to + 1.9% in the first three months of the current year.

The European Central Bank (ECB) nevertheless refrained from increasing the interest rate and then intervenes most likely, when the inflation rate exceeds the 2 per cent mark. This situation animated many people who generally want to invest in residential property, that to respond quickly in the first quarter of 2011 turn of a possible interest rate, which already predicted by observers of the market for the next few months is to come. Was a slight increase in the lease for the winter 2010/2011 and increased interest rates for construction money, which is equipped with a ten-year interest rate of 3.00 percent to 3.70 per cent, currently until end of March 2011. Who wanted to protect themselves from further interest rate increases, decided should be for an interest period of ten years. The savings can be used by the always still historically low interest rate for a higher repayment as the input repayment rate of only one percent, total to save cost and faster to achieve the aim of the pursuit. Long runtimes include the advantage that the borrower can react if interest rates developed differently than expected downward. The legislature has defined the possibility to disembark after ten years from a current contract, provided that a full payment of the loan occurred has..


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