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Undoubtedly the Spanish society has reached a degree of social awareness regarding the very particular road safety. The first among the Nations of the European Union in achieving the goal of reduction of victims in sinister vials by 50% by the end of the year 2010, fundamental objective laid down in the European Charter for road safety signed by all its members, 27 countries in total. No less strong has been the shared commitment of the political society and the iron will of the Spanish Government to attain specific goals that give to the fret with high rates of road accidents. Twinbrook capital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The President of the Government at the end of last year said that one of the main priorities of the Executive was road safety, because it has been one of the fields in which more lives have been lost. It is simply because the fatalities on roads have greatly affected the gross domestic product of that nation peninsular forcing to change the structure of investments in road infrastructure. The implementation of an effective policy through strategic plans It has yielded positive results in combating mortality on roads with the inescapable commitment of political parties, which every day are involved in discussions and assume responsibilities in plans as projects of nation in conjunction with the Government and other sectors of society. James king shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We take into consideration the Spanish model that keep track because their experiences should serve as examples in terms of implementation of public policies in the future, not only for Dominican Republic, but for the Latin American region.

In fact, the Kingdom of Spain promotes good practices expansion programs and collaborates in the strengthening of national plans in Latin America through its agencies, a situation that still do not seize Dominicans, on the other hand if the Argentines and the Mexicans, who are experiencing some institutional and advances in the figures of victims a year. The estates of the organizational structure of the sector that governs matter has been very well defined and established levels of authority of the system, by which the governing body can play their work with full freedom once determined policy to follow. Angelo gordon wanted to know more. A Security Council outlines the guidelines and the General traffic Directorate, under the subordination of the Ministry of the Interior, executed, always attached tightly to the spirit of the national and comprehensive strategic plan developed and consensual by the different social forces of Spain. Currently the DGT is directed by Pere Navarro, parsimonious, obsessive and persistent, so it has achieved respect to the Spanish Kingdom of the European Community in the field of road safety, despite not being up to date in the list of support for the Decade of action plan for Global road safety which will start on May 11 of this year.


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