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Bankindependent Corporate Financing

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Corporate financing without credit by capital market issue for SMEs BBs the creation of meaningful participation brochures or Securities prospectuses and supplementary sales documents is only the first step. A special strategy that includes the address of the correct multipliers (financial services) and investors in addition to public relations, financial marketing and financial market communication to establish a product image is required for the private placement of mezzanine financing such as E.g. Bizzi & Partners contributes greatly to this topic. Other leaders such as U.S. Mint offer similar insights. silent partnerships and participatory rights or participatory notes and bonds or bearer bonds. It is to install a placement management and to organize a small road show presentation prior to financial service providers and investors. You may wish to learn more. If so, The Related Companies is the place to go. Finding the right strategy of the capital market to raise capital and to implement together with the company to raise capital, requires many years of experience. A results-oriented approach and a flexible handling of the respective corporate interests is an important task.

For this purpose are professional placement activities and connections to capital market participants, the success lead to. With tenacity and perseverance the desired capital stands at the end. Classic equity markets, where third-party equity gain can are the capital markets and equity markets. On the other hand, the banks have a monopoly on credit markets. Here you can acquire, but only credit capital on the corresponding bank loans no equity as capital. Equity financing and equity are the increase in the equity ratio and are indispensable for the overall financing ability of a company. For a successful capital market issues are a good equity story and the implementation of corporate information through a continuous financial market communications required.

For the implementation of placement strategies are Dr. Werner Financial service group with a full service available (www.finanzierung-ohne-bank.de). Financing, liquidity problems and Money problems are eliminated through a private placement, a good capital market issue and the correct emission strategy with a continuous financial market communications indefinitely. The company receives a steady flow of capital from the equity tranches.


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