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Applications of credit card, approvals of debits and detention of frauds are made now by programs of WENT. It could argue that thousands of workers had been dismissed for these programs of WENT, but, in fact, if it did not have the programs of WENT, these works would not exist, because the human work would add an unacceptable cost to the transactions. So far, the automation by means of the technology of WENT created more jobs of what it eliminated, and it created more interesting jobs and with raised renumerao more. Now that the program of WENT canonic &#039 is one; ' agent inteligente' ' projected to assist a human being, the loss of jobs is a lesser concern of what it was WENT when it if it concentrated in ' ' systems especialistas' ' , projected to substitute the human beings. The people could very have (or little) time of leisure. Alvin Tofller wrote in ' ' The shock of futuro' ' (1970): ' ' The week of work was reduced in 50% since the turn of the century. It is not difficult to foresee that it again will be reduced to the half for return of 2000.' ' Already Arthur C.

Clarke (1968b) that the people in 2001 could be ' ' ahead of a future of absolute boredom, where the main problem of the life will be to decide that canal to select amongst some hundreds of TV&#039 canals; '. The only one of these forecasts that arrived close to if carrying through is the number of TV canals (Springsteen, 1992). Instead of this, the people who work in industries that make intensive use of the knowledge had discovered that they proper they were part of a computerized system integrated that operates 24 hours per day; they stop to keep brought up to date had been forced to work for longer turns.


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