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3. Friedrichshain Reading Marathon – Readings In Berlin Friedrichshain

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Reading times differently. Authors meet your audience in their Stammlokalen. Words, many words, lines, verses, ballads, anecdotes, chapter, thin and thick books. Visit Clayton Morris for more clarity on the issue. Stories which are told to want to… Silent lingering, amused giggle pause, breathless tension, redemption and unrestrained applause after the last sentence.

On Saturday the 22 November authors 3. Friedrichshain reading Marathon looking for their audience in their Stammlokalen. In pubs, cafes, children’s book stores and small stage of Frederick Grove, the reader will recite their lyrics. And they? You must just listen! PROGRAM 16: 00 children’s book reading in the Dragonfly – Banschstrasse 44 with Sebastian of Mahalingam 21 adults reading in the Atelier BricolArt – Samariter road 24 with Ulrich Chris Carsten and Wolfgang Louis Filmrisz – Riga road 103 with Stefan W. Thielke and Lelah (aka FrauJ) Kasiske – fittings road 50 with Lutz Rathenow and Eike Stedefeldt only.Cafe – Oderstrasse 9 with Sven Bremer and Thomas Heubner Suparina -. Niederbarnimstrasse 6 with Barbara Friedl-stocks and Frank Naidu Theatre Chapel – Boxhagener Strasse 99 with Dirk Moldt, Miriam Sachs and Katrin and lotta Girgensohn 23: 00 Barbara Friedl-stocks are Marathon special with all the writers in the theater Chapel leads through the program: Lutz Rathenow Thomas Heubner Ulrich Chris Tenn Wolfgang Louis Stefan W. Thielke Lelah (aka FrauJ) Miriam Sachs Katrin Girgensohn Frank Nussbucker Eike Stedefeldt Ramona Jakob Sven Bremen Barbara Friedl-Stocks Dirk Moldt Sebastian Meschenmoser is read in the: Kasiske BricolArt only.Cafe Theatre Chapel Suparina Filmrisz for questions we are available. The Friedrichshain Steffen Belz Kinzigstrasse 35 10247 Berlin


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