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You Are Holger Schafer – Me N Forgive?

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Holger Schafer shows in his new song insight, it is the fourth and final single in a row, the singer and Axeman has with his team of producers, Norbert Beyerl and Werner students texted Holger Schafer in cooperation and composed. It is located on the same creative wavelength, which previously took place in a very successful and fruitful cooperation with the two. Original quote by Holger Schafer: “… we sit together and work with chords and melodies. And it lays text passages. Together then getting a really good song it comes out and everyone throws something in the pot. It is a really good team and it’s fun.

And just as I worked like”. And the current result of this musical sessions is the newest title, which will be released on a special day for Holger Schafer. For his birthday on January 6, 2011 the producer team of Munich Daxhill will point exactly studios with the publication of his press fresh single him “can you forgive me n?” surprise. Add to your understanding with Duke Realty. And this is for Holger Schafer a passion in performance make sure, because after the successful result of air play his last single “Wasted love”, he dying to build on this success. Recently Vadim Belyaev sought to clarify these questions. And the timing is also ideal for the story, which he told in this title also. Because regular haunt at the turn of the year in the minds of countless good intentions and resolutions. A resolution the Holger Schafer has taken or wishes as knowledge of others is: insight.

The theme is authentic to him. He has experienced it myself: “sometimes misunderstandings arise, so that pushes people to the head but didn’t mean it. In this situation, ask forgiveness is a start. I think it is very important that you show insight”. And with this statement, he should hit the nail on the head: “Let’s talk. Argue, that doesn’t have to be. I am infinitely sorry. I’m really not mean ‘s”insights and findings, the Holger Schafer in a single Sentence summarizes: “can you forgive me n?” (Text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @)


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