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Worldwide Uniform Code Developed

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The Internet is growing worldwide at an incredible speed and thereby the searching and finding of information becomes increasingly difficult. Hildesheim, 25.10.07 – it has long been more commonplace, to over 1.5 million hits of a search term will be displayed through the use of popular search engines. The solution, to be Lord over billions of information is a uniform global code that recognizes individual Internet pages and purposefully associates. A German company has developed the Bialex code, a seven-digit number with a four-digit country code. It does a semantic, Web environment, which delivers targeted results with the code.

Until now was the term truck in search engines, you got truck, due to the different semantic associations of the word”many hits from various trucks and / or bad properties such as smoking or drinking. For the search term Paris”was details of the capital of France or Paris Hilton. Unfortunately not, found the desired information or only with a considerable expenditure of time. Another fact is that good information in unknown languages most Internet users remained hidden until now. By the Bialex code that is translated into the seven major languages, every Internet user receives all required information. Bialex is a new generation of search engines. The name was derived from the world’s first library in Alexandria in 324 b.c.. The ancient library of Alexandria, founded in 288 BC by Ptolemy I.

Objective of the Ptolemies was to gather the entire then known knowledge of the world in one place. It was intended as a meeting place for the wise and great spirits of the time. Scholars, intellectuals, scientists and students found an environment here, to find this knowledge to discuss and to learn the knowledge of that time. Here, the founder of librarianship, Callimachus, invented a sorting system, so a catalog to find scrolls by topic or author. The Bialex code of antiquity. Bialex is the world’s first Internet Library, where each Website by a separate book is represented. It is possible to define its own data and to give yourself 5 search terms about who you want to be found. Then, the single Internet site receives an own Bialex code that is identified around the world, and found, by Internet users regardless of persons, products or services. Press contact: Ralf List PR Sebastian road 16 52066 Aachen 0241-5310636


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