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During the war a The axis of evil, some government “Democratic ” violating civil rights innate in human beings. If I have to admit that the destruction of the World Gemelasa “September 11, 2001a ” was an unfortunate and very sad for the American people, but we know, and at such times, keep a cool head but our hearts blood, pain, pain of thousands of dead … Hatred always sows hatred “including our own blood brothers. a When we do make mistakes under the principle of freedom we all have, on this principle, Augustine, he wrote: a OEDI I did it without me, without me I can save . A team of American psychologists have developed tests to predict why pilots make mistakes aircraft surgeons, bus drivers … I refer to the familiar Bible: a Quien is blameless cast the first piedraa . Well, Americans (Akhaians study all!) discuss the early detection of cases that may occur a despistesa humans, including: stress, mental and physical fatigue, depression …

This is all very well, but perhaps these exhaustive studies have been entrusted to them by the insurance companies have paid as much money for errors earlier committed by professionals. They want to build a man-robot, which has no faults. American civilization is completely different from Europe, fortunately yet. They value the success and triumph, and who do not get is regarded as a failure.


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