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Wooden Houses

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The Garniz de Geralda the Street Sao luiz was an eddy of moleques. Street of soil, sand, with some houses wooden, for the way many trees, many animals and many people walked that way constantly. It was the street most legal of Navira, I I knew all the inhabitants of that street, wise person until the name of the esteem animals that had in the houses of that street. When we went down the street when leaving the school, was a party, shouts, races of handle catches, dispute of races of all the forms, commotions of all the ways that a person can imagine happened in those wonderful afternoons that I lived there. Of all the tricks what it left in them fascinated were to play with garniz of esteem of the house of Geralda. It was S to beat the foot for galinz, that it came in direction to moleques, to peck, to unhar and to beat if possible in any moleque of that it disturbed to it. Today eye the mark in my leg, left for a peck of that one garninz that it obtained to catch me one day, leaving a wound that ruined and that it delayed weeks to sarar. To the look wound, I remember that my infancy is wonderful and that I lived a great party in the best street of the world..


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