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Wiring at Home

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Before you begin any repair to begin in the apartment you need to replace the wiring. It should be in a responsible approach to the choice of cable, which will be built in your home. We will tell you about the most important principles and rules acquisition of cable and wires, through which you will not be unsure when purchasing. A huge number of different companies currently offer such services as the sale of the cable. In this case it is better not save and go to a company that can guarantee the quality of their products, because, on what cable you choose will depend on the safety of your family.

Type of metal material of the cable, is quite a significant factor during the purchase process. The best metal for the wire, according to the masters, is copper, due to its strength and corrosion resistance, as opposed to aluminum, which can not boast of such qualities. If you need a cable for transmitting electric power in stationary installations, you can buy a cable VVG – a special cable with a conductive housing made of copper, which is very popular among consumers today. In case of insufficient length of cable purchased, it is possible to build up. But, according to experts, was originally a cable more reliable than those collected from different parts therefore it is most advantageous to buy a cable with a reserve. Any owner of the home are most concerned about the aesthetic aspect of the question because of road works and laying of cables. Residents opposed to cable systems communication violated his appearance space and harmony forever tangled under his feet, but at the same time it is necessary that they were always on hand if needed. There is a special way of wiring – in cable channels, it is used when you do not want to spoil the look of the room.

The stability of the electrical network in your home will depend on the properties of components such as trunking and cable trays. Cable tray – a special device which is used for the construction of information and power cables. There are cable channels, triangular, rectangular and arched forms. Route the cable in this way, you not only save harmony of the interior of your apartment, but also to ensure their own safety. Therefore, in most cases replacing the wiring is mainly used in it. This method is currently typical for computer networks, as well as various kinds of alarms. PVC pipe is also used for the construction of certain types of wires. These tubes are considered to be one of the best ways of organizing the wiring, they guarantee long-term protection from any sort of cable.


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