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Western Futon

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This is the last part of a series of articles related to different types of mattresses that I had had the experience of testing. They explained the characteristics of each of them, advantages and disadvantages. Today finally let me write them about mattresses futons. There are people who live in a very small flat choose a futon. The futon which I am referring is this article is the Western Futon. There is also another futon to the Japanese type of which I am not going to talk in this article because that is the Western futon which more it is used in our Western countries. Generally, they are filled with a mix of foam and cotton and are in most cases far more coarse, imitating the size of traditional mattresses. They are usually placed on a usable frame for two uses: as bed and couch.

This piece of furniture finds its closest audience among youth segments and young couples to be a cheap alternative (although in shops specialized is more expensive that) a conventional) to bed and other living room furniture. These Futons are often sold in sets that include the mattress and frame. (source: Wikipedia) Since it is generally cheaper than a bed alternative and is a mix of foam and cotton these futon mattresses are the most well hard times. For nothing they adapted to your body and do not give a good support to your back and hence not resting well. I had one for a year because he lived in a small apartment and at the beginning I slept well but after a while I had many problems in the back. With the passing of time the mattress deform with use. Futons are good as huespedess bed, clear this huespedess, who remain in your House only a paar days because to sleep every day and for long periods of time are not what more recommended for back. Futon advantages are: 1.

save space: If you live in an apartment well small can put it as day and night sofa again to open it. 2 They are usually low-budget. Disadvantages 1. They are not good for sleeping long periods of time given to you to deform. 2. The mattress is often very hard causing muscle pain 3. Quality not often is the best. I hope you enjoyed this series of articles, if you’re interested you can read the previous article to this looking for a good mattress part 4 mattresses from air by clicking here.


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