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Virginia Maciel Pear

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Although the situation that was imposed to it since young, we see in its narrative the attempt of disruption with on structure the misery and the exploration of lived its ancestor. Of the maternal familiar trunk of Jakes Fidelix we find the reference to another slave Basilia Maciel, who lived in lands of Apolo Maciel. The trajectory of this woman, slave or son of these, one sends the great breeding to it where its ancestral indirect right-handers or were gifts. In this direction, we can find in the inventories post-mortem of Santana of the Release many indications of the possible family of Basilia Maciel, probably also been born in the last quarter of century XIX. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia may not feel the same. Thus, the inventory of Francisco Maciel de Oliveira of the year of 1860, in brings elements to understand the enslaved work to them in the ranches of ancestor of the santanense black community, as well as the social relations and economic established for this proprietor, therefore, it is in this contrast that we obtain to glimpse the trajectories of the citizens submitted to the slavery, as the ancestral ones of Basilia. After the rise of Santana of the Release the category of Village, in February of 1857, occurred the first municipal election where Major Francisco Maciel de Oliveira is elect with 196 votes, thus composing the first vereana of the just-emancipated village. Three years later, in 23 of May of 1860 falece leaving two children, Francisco Maciel of Oliveira born in a 1847 in Medium brown River, that had as godfathers Colonel David Canabarro and Jasinta Peace of Jesus, and girl of six months been born of its marriage with Virginia Maciel Pear tree of Oliveira. In its inventory, in June of year 1863 its real estates are enrolled all, where a farm evaluated in 12:000,000 consists kings and two sesmarias with six lguas of field, more or less, in Upamaroti in the value of 96:000,000 kings, as well as 1.


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