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Valentine Does Not Stingy

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The ritual of giving gifts to loved ones is a compelling and powerful inner strength. To know more about this subject visit Stephen M. Ross. Plato in the Symposium tells the myth that there was a time that the land was inhabited by a species of spherical persons who had two faces, four legs and four arms belonging to three different sexes: the male descendant of the sun, the female offspring land, and the androgynous offspring of the moon. The insolence of these people incurred the wrath of Zeus decided to cut them by half and ordered to seek and take refuge in each other emotionally. Happiness is expressed in many stages of life, one of which is realized when the lovers come together in kisses, and sparks, causing major palpitations. Metaphorically, love comes when we match Cupid prepares his arrows, and hoped the meeting at the Valentine's special day every couple chooses. With the clouds and the sky as a backdrop, wish you a happy and lifelong relationship.

Apart from the burden of romance, the truth is that the tradition of giving gifts to loved ones dates, is a form of exchange of goods and reciprocity, in which individual and social motivations act as if a powerful inner strength to guide us. Committed expenditure, the shops display their best goods, and the windows are fitted with great dedication. Similarly, restaurants try to recreate an intimate atmosphere, they launch special travel offers and increases the sale of flowers. Perhaps Hayek when he said that the market was the product of human action and not the design of its institution, was present outbreaks of joy that represent special moments in people's lives. Despite criticism by the consumer will follow the script and gifts presented in the calendar that reminds us and portrays those who have installed in our lives. And obviously it radiates to any event that makes us strengthen the bonds of marriage. However, the magic of these actions, we individually from a dehumanized world, and puts us in our spiritual dimension 'to be unidimensional in which pragmatism and scientific and technological culture has transformed us. When we think of that special in our lives, we released from our social sphere and we realize that the condemnation of Zeus when he decided to split in half to perpetually yearn for the amputated part, was the triumph of love and friendship. Critics of the market associated with gifts in order to safeguard the ideal of love, struggle in vain. The god himself had to entertain Eros Psyche with night banquet in his palace to seduce her, and Valentine wants us to be generous because they hate meanness.


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