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The environment is one of the issues that most concern the societies of today. We are talking about a very crucial issue in both insofar as it represents the environment in which human beings develop our existence. The melting of the Poles, climate change or the hole in the ozone layer are unambiguous signals that something is wrong. It is essential that we take real and effective action if we still have our environment as we know it. Acciona innova Acciona is one of the companies that today works towards our environment. However, there is something that the difference from other companies, and it is one of the largest global operators.

Acciona is fully concerned about the abuse that we are making resources and, therefore, applies a technique innovative to implement sustainable buildings and structures. Its maxims are the research, development and innovation and never ceases to take into account the need to protect the environment. The reason for sustainability is clear that if we want to maintain our growth rate, is necessary that we elect to sustainability. This term was coined in 1992 when it celebrola Summit of the Earth in Rio de Janeiro, an international meeting that joined to developed and developing States. It was at that Summit where decided that sustainability would be the idea to follow, and it is impossible to continue growing to staggered steps if we consume the Earth’s finite resources. It is necessary that we elect to a sustainable development.


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