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Homo Sapiens, the dumbest animal are the only rational beings on the planet only humans can think we distinguish from other animals by our capacity for discernment what ready are!, and worst of all, is that we believe it. I see a group of children playing on the beach and think of how happy that are. They come to my mind my very distant childhood memories and I conclude that this is the age that really I would return. interesting facts. Three, four, five years suddenly, I feel a kind of anguish to imagine their destinations. Long time of freedom, they have already almost have to start his academic training, which will be extended, at least for the next 12 years. If their parents can afford it, they will also go to College for a few years more for then, already will be adults, will have head overstuffed knowledge and most will never be them necessary.

Will also be full of worries, complexes and frustrations and almost no You will remember how nice that was not having to carry that heavy backpack. For assistance, try visiting Morris Invest. Then they will have to get a job to earn a living, and to buy a House and a car, and raise money to marry, and more money in order to have children, and even to send them to school and to dress them, and to feed them, and to Phew!, much is being smart. Would it not be better to be less intelligent? or rather do a little ignorant? better still something wild? Imagine these children grow slowly on the beach, no matter if it’s Monday, Thursday or Sunday, learning through games to fish and to hunt. Gathered at night around a campfire to hear their elders, ancestral littered with tales of teachings. Learning the art of building houses, making vestments or fabricate contraptions of hunting with the materials that nature offers them. Sure that these children would have a long and happy childhood, an exciting and certainly adolescence, would become quite balanced adults, emotionally speaking.


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