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Do I have to ask for permission by want to find me with my genuine, powerful and luminous essence?… Do I have to ask for permission by wish wealth, prestige, power, absolute abundance, the overflowing joy of joy and magic?. I have to ask permission for want to be more me, more free, more large?. I think not. The secrecy of the greatness of the soul has stalked us all at some point in our lives. We want to hide that dream because we think it is too, too much for a world so seemingly poor and miserable. No, we cannot ask more than what we have. No, we cannot be more than what we are.

No, we can not be happy until the ecstasy No matter what you think, what you think or what you feel are dear and destined for greatness. However much you say that you like the simple, simple and you cannot aspire to more. Not me fool, human. I do not fool with your false smallness or limited way you see things. Don’t fool me, because I thought like you until my dreams came out flying and had that come after them as a girl, like a butterfly that has lost its northern or its most beloved wind. I do not fool with your serene peace of cheesy, with your false acceptance of what you have, what sustains you mincing thou art crowned from the most celebrated and most wonderful heights. No, I do not fool with your linen and cotton robes.

You, dress clothes more delicate and more subtle in your bodies. Actual garments, majestic garments. You belong to the senior lineage of stars, perhaps you think that I do not recognize your perfume while you complain? no, not fool me. And already not deceive you. Not deceive you with my mirror. I am who I am and not fled away. I stay near and shine as a fiery and cheerful lucero… The human being is destined to the greatness and dignity of the stars. Not less and always more!. Original author and source of the article.


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