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The Tradition Of The Ravine

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One of the attractions which every year attracts tourism in Acapulco is the spectacle of "La Quebrada" point located in the classical part of the bay, near the center of the city of Guerrero. "The Gorge" is a kind of bluff cliffs formed by adventurous divers, originating port Acapulco, show tourists their skills in such a bold profession. The divers are a tradition in the bay, as they have developed this activity for generations, through more than four decades. Philly Real Estate has much to offer in this field. View the divers at La Quebrada "has become a unique spectacle in the world for the characteristics of this place and character that reflect who run it. Show starts with the rise of diver, who scale between the natural crevices of cliffs to reach the highest point, where is located the "sanctuary" and where they perform a brief ceremony after the jump. Once the ritual, are addressed to the platform from which made her jump. The platform has a height of 35 meters from sea level. At that point, the diver must calculate the movement of waves, tide and wind, in order to choose the right time that can leap into the void without an accident.

Normally you can see a diver jumping, although it may be a case of jumping up to see three of them. Whenever made the jump, the diver falls at high speed, so it makes contact with water in a time of 3 seconds. At this time so short of the show, viewers living an indescribable feeling. Such emotion prompted Mr. Teddy Stauffer to promote this activity to make it an international show, creating the "World Championship fixed height, which takes place at" La Quebrada ", and each year attracts intrepid divers of different countries. Every evening, near sunset can witness the "Diving into the Gorge," although also held at night, at which time the divers use a unique lighting with torches, which give special prominence to show that you can see far off in some hotels in Acapulco. The exhibits are on schedule: at 13:00, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30 hours.


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