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The Suit – A Short Trip Into The World Of Men

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Article about the suit, that most elegant piece of clothing for the man. Add to your understanding with Richard LeFrak. History, cut, choice of color and fabric and a little geography. A suit is a garment in which are tailored trousers and jacket made of same fabric. This sounds like a truism, but exactly this feature marks a suit. The Lord of the world wore his dress or his frock coat to the end of the 19th century to a vest made of a different material and pants was in turn made of any other material.

If cut, color, and fabric is properly chosen, the most elegant piece of clothing that a man can wear a suit. The order cut, color, fabric is important, because the cut is certainly the factor with the greatest importance. Even if the fabric is not quite as high-quality, the cut but perfectly, can be still a good suit, and this is always preferable to a suit made of better material with poor quality cut. Actually, no compromises should be made when buying a suit, but as so often, it comes with the Suit purchase, sometimes to such a compromise not around. Refers to a good cut for the new suit with good cut”regardless of fashion and trends, the section developed patterns corresponding to that in the thirties of the last century in England. The cut should be of course. Thus, it is meant that he perfectly brings out the character of the wearer of the. Only when major problems with the figure the suit through its cut should take a corrective action.

This applies especially to the shoulders. The wearer of the suit is a slender man, he should choose a narrow cut with little or even no shoulder padding. A fit, broad man needs no shoulder pads. The cut should correspond to the natural body. The man is rather corpulent, he should without of course each additional widening by the cut of the suit.


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