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The Secrets Of An Island

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Only 35 minutes of flight separated the cities of Barcelona and Menorca. Nothing, practically is accommodated in armchair and in a twinkling of an eye we will be enjoying a place that is all fun, and that combines so amazing nature, the Sun, the sea and history, shaping the peculiar idiosyncrasy of this Mediterranean island. Fortunately, lots of flights and rental deals there are cars Menorca, which allow you to combine short trips of a few days to cut a bit with the daily routine and clear the mind and the soul. The city of Menorca is fascinating. It truly is a bizarre combination of styles, cultures and personalities, which combine beautifully to make this island what we know today. Menorca has it all: small streets near the port for walks, places where stop to drink or eat, and the possibility of taking a ferry that will cross that bright and blue sea to take us to one of the many beaches that this archipelago is reserved.

Hotel in Menorca, is everything and for all tastes. From Hotels five stars, where a little pampering spas, departments or small rural properties away from the center of the city. The island offers an incredible variety, both in performance and price. Definitely, those who enjoy the blue sea seek accommodation close to the beaches as Des Grau or Binibeca, although never miss that adventurer who look for arriving in some more remote and lonely beach. After landing on the island it is worth booking a rental Menorca airport car to explore the prehistoric essentials in the area, as the Naveta Des Tudons, considered the oldest building in all Europca and one of the most tourist attractions of Menorca. Or the prehistoric settlements of Torre d Galmes and Torralba d in Salord, where the largest taula from the Menorcan island is, in the latter. The best way of approaching this area of the city is with the predisposition to enjoy long walks on foot, and with a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes, for enjoying the many historical testimonies that the rich history of Menorca has saved.


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