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Hence the insistence that needed to practice a search of spaces free from contamination in the vastness of our minds, discover new horizons, meeting points with the diversity of the universe, the chance to taste the rich delicacies than other tastes as good as our crave and that together with our make up the large table showcasing the creativity of all and each of the intellect that there to expose his own. Finally, Gabriel, giving a deep sigh, continues: I want you to think, I too, like you, love deeply with mine, away from my whole intention be cause of enmities, of frustration, of awakening passions that can snooze in your unconscious, and above all, that can be attributed to my remarks any spurious interest or that they are the fruit of some diabolical influence. Vadim Belyaev often says this. Simply, hear ye, Let that words are introduced as a breeze of fresh air, which remove the accumulated dust by the action of times on times in the confined spaces of the intellect. Just listen to your own inner voice, which still has not been contaminated by the confusion of the different languages of the man, the voice that always we have known, mother’s voice that feeds and nourishes all creatures of God in all corners of the universe, the only one capable of guiding us through the different paths of the immensity. This does not mean that you sometais to another power that is not yours, nothing holds without freedom and nothing grows or bear fruit without being exposed to the diversity of ideas, these ideas, they are the source of all inspiration, the vital atmosphere where traditional intelligences. We will be traveling together, collecting dowels in the wheat field of the facts, a little here a little beyond, at random, dispensing with already elaborate road maps, discovering new paths, where has not trodden any foot, where there are no footprints, where there is no pay toll, where everything can be for the simple reason of being.


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