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The Money Out Of Memory

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A friend of mine sent me an example of how a counselor shared the spoils among the people who voted a minority. mily for additional information. They say it takes the top job in a department within the region and also has something to do with institutional relations and participation. For even more opinions, read materials from james king. Thus, graphics transcribing a set of numbers last year (2007) in a sampling of about 8 million euros to be distributed to everywhere in the region, says he arrived at interesting conclusions once I finish grouping: – If the 32.4% (2.58 million) with 165 grants were made to activities that municipalities and county councils. – If the 22.3% (1.78 million) with 14 grants were the fire brigade and civil protection (building and staff courses).

If the 17% (1.36 million) with 75 grants were to publishers, unions, universities, foundations and other consortia and associations in addition to the privileges the regional film and television. – And if the themes have received any grants and has become a business for some has been the talk of the “memory” (19.5% -1.56 grants 131 million), followed by the “peace” (6.3% – 73 grants 0.50 million) and no haggling is intended to discuss “women, participation, projects and immigration” (2.5% -0.20 million in 20 grants). You may want to visit Atreides Management Gavin Baker to increase your knowledge. We conclude that the need has been found from the department within the region to recover the memory and therefore has spent more than 1.56 million, hence, it is logical to want to negotiate other financing scheme because barely remember where we came from or what we did with the money we received. And although memory fails or ignore the fate that we have given the money we have received over the last three decades, it seems that the important thing is another kind of memory, that we can classify as unproductive, victimization and if I hurry with other adjectives.

But that have nothing to do with the economic needs and social growth to know or learn how to face the financial crisis that has come upon us. In addition, from within the region has found the need to talk about peace, I write it the word “peace” in lowercase, but I recall it, (I have not gone to the recovery courses of institutional memory) are in a country for more than half a century has not entered into any war on its territory and has recently sent their troops to other parts of the world to defend not know exactly what … Although inner peace, fights or beatings that give certain boys and some other abuse or violent death hardly solved, despite laws prohibiting increase and decimate increasing responsibility and freedom of the citizen.


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