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the truth is that the AED can be used in any other form of legal system, without losing its analytical capacity; his devotees have obtained several awards Nobel in economics for the contribution to the legal and economic thinking; and Furthermore, this far from being extremely popular and much more far from being a dominant trend. In search of the jurisdictional total quality, AED is a very useful tool to give us economic arguments for reinforcing, correcting or completing the legal but without excluding them; but it can never be perfect, since justice is more that you relations numerical values. The presence of AED is undeniable. currently it is difficult to find any number of the major legal journals that do not publish any work of AED; the same people who have a high level of demand academic, being commonly used in thesis and research work as it is the case of the present. Just as it is easy to find courses in pre and post degree, academic events and conventions relating to such a perspective. XI.

conclusions-AED is oriented to the creation of models aimed to rigorously evaluate the economic effects produced by the laws. Consequently, predicts and prevents human behavior since it analyzes ex ante, in contrast to the right (ex post). AED understands efficiency maximizing social wealth, how the human being works based on incentives, this directs – predicts (simplifying reality selecting relevant factors) your conduct with proper incentives or disincentives (legal) avoiding generate waste or misuse of resources (also called the new AED). Efficiency is a component of the idea of Justice is not unique, since rights and collective objectives occupy an extremely important place. The basic challenge is to accept that the law may be different to as we have conceived it always. That perhaps the only thing by which the AED should be studied and learned.


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