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Besides radiators from this material quickly respond to queries iron thermostat settings. Modern aluminum battery is well maintained and hydraulic shocks. A to protect them from corrosion must attach to the steel-aluminum radiator heat conductors with galvanized or cast iron reducers. Bimetal radiators have aluminum casing and steel pipe, according to which moves coolant. As instruments of aluminum, they have a high heat transfer, characterized by high corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high pressure. I live on 5 floors. Radiators are almost always Warm slightly, although the neighbors below – everything is in order. Why is this happening? Most likely this is due to pressure, which in the heating system of apartment house may be not only high but also low.

In the latter case it leads to less efficient operation of the radiators. Simply put, they are worse than warm. Why is this happening? The volume of heat given room heaters, depends not only on the temperature of the coolant, but the number of entering the water device. In turn, the amount of water that can be passed through tubing to the device, independent of the circulating pressure causes water to move through the tube. In this case, the water meets resistance caused by its friction on the pipe walls, and apart from them yet, and local resistance, which include elbows, tees, crosses, etc. In the heating system can be used as a natural circulation of water and forced (requires a circulation pump). Possibility of a second way – much more.


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