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The Germans And The Pension Puzzle

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Many citizens have no idea of the amount of their retirement resources Dusseldorf/Berlin, 9 November 2009 who wants to keep his accustomed standard of living in the age, must provide private. This realization has now prevailed in large parts of the German population. But whether sufficient own savings efforts for a worry-free life in the age, few people know. The results of a survey by TNS Emnid on behalf of the Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR). Almost three quarters of all Germans ensures before so although private age. Knowing the later income once will be how much is when over half of the respondents however low. 54 percent said less well or even unable to assess this. It is astonishing that so many people apparently don’t know whether their private precautionary measures at the age will suffice.

Gaps in provision, but only one can correct that full transparency about its expected income in the Age has”, says BVR President Uwe Frohlich. Unfortunately, experts say the economic crisis currently affects retirement: more than 17 percent of all workers in Germany have resolved already private retirement savings due to current loss in income or at least reduced. Also, 53 percent of Germans said that they want to increase their private pension plans no further. Almost every third professionals indicates now to have no revenues from a private pension at the age “, for example, the specialist service issued by the Dusseldorf entrepreneur Mario Ohoven analysis and success with reference to a recent study by the Postal Bank. Therefore, the study documents the danger that a long-term crisis of pensions in Germany can result from the current financial and economic crisis. At least two-thirds of all professionals specify exactly the crisis have changed their attitude towards private pensions. 32 percent of workers are wondering Since then, make what private investments ever sense”, so the journal of Ohovens, who is also President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW).

For this purpose, the BVR study provides a clear answer: because the question according to the functional form of investment for retirement provision real estate continues among people in the first place: whether self-used or rented, 49 percent see herein the best form of investment. While the dream of your own home with 37 percent is much more pronounced than the leased estate of pensions (12 percent). More than a quarter (26 percent) had or life insurance topic on a private pension. Eight percent, fixed-income investments trust gold and other precious metals seven percent. Stock or equity funds hold most of respondents with six percent for an appropriate form of investment.


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