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The Financial Bubble

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THE OIL BUBBLE IN THE BRAIN OF Alvarito (Part I) Alvarito potato son of the Great Great Novelist international bourgeoisie believes that financial bubbles is a great thing even sincere Oil prices, which are not in the hands of true friends Club Bildeberg if the opposite in fascist hands of nationals of either religious or militaristic. Not understanding that the oil prices as has been seen in the whole historical process management is different from the rest of the world economy. Knowing in advance that it is handled according to the confrontation with the policeman found the Great Northern Empire. But that does not understand that the price of oil is in the game market as conceived by Adam Smith in his book the Wealth of Nations. Source: lyft. If so what reason is this the price is playing according to the convenience of Islamic States which are large producers. So what reason is the war in Iraq and its puppet government in trying to maintain a hegemonic space by the global gendarme. Trying justify their position by the hair starts the economic theory of Adam Smith, seeing that the application resulted in the collapse of the entire international financial system against their same precepts have used the state to solve their wrongs, for which bullish expectations in oil prices has been due to the need to address the arms race and the defense of Zionism as a threat is fellow member of world policeman and trying to destabilize the Islamic peninsula to solve their economic problems within their territory. .


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