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The Environment

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– Second, that it is possible to use itself of the resources of the nature without decimating it measured them that if wall lamp technologies that respect its limits. In this way, he is evidenced that the nature exactly when degraded a planning of conservation will be had the same one can be recouped since that uses modern ways for the conservation. also fits to the man who occupies definitive areas to possess the conscience to coexist in the best possible way the environment, if acquiring knowledge that the same it is basic for its survival and of the future generations. Geography possesss important paper in the ambient question, for possessing the principle to search to understand the relations of the societies human beings of a territory (physical space) with the natural way with the nature of this territory (SANCHEZ).

Leaving of this idea placed for Jurandir professor, analyses will be made stop better to know the occupation of the man next the Micron Basin to the Stream Is Gonalo, will be made disgnostic so that if it has knowledge of the description of the formation of the quarters and if the city hall foresaw the problems that the lack of one politics of adequate sanitation provoked in the Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo. The simple existence of the ambient legislation and the agencies of ambient management, does not guarantee the obedience and preservation (Idem Bidem). The areas under legal protection, the public lands, the private lands as natural patrimonies, frequently are invaded and busy by groups with great economic interests or populations of low income that without alternatives of where to live, they finish transforming areas of ambient preservation into places of clandestine housings of pssima quality (Idem Bi-dem). It fits in this way to the public power is of Federal, State or Municipal ranch, to make to be valid the ambient legislaes, using legal mechanisms that remove invaders of areas of legal protection and that it can at the same time be directing these people for other localities. She is necessary that the people understand that the environment engloba all the natural resources, establishing connection all the systems, and any alteration for minor who can seem in one definitive part of this system, finishes for all harming the complex that is the nature. The sustainable development has as basic point that the environment and economic they are seen as aspect of possible convivncia since that if it adopts measured that they allow the economic development respecting the environment.

The Environment concept (natural and social) has passed for successive transformations throughout history. This environment, in function of the economic interests and politicians, comes passing for processes of degradation, accented in century XX. This has caused a drastic reduction of the quality of life and an increase of the world-wide concern in trying to revert this picture. (War Wedge, 1997) the inadequate handling of the natural resources, as much in urban areas as agricultural, has been the main cause of the degradation. As consequence we have attended to all ga it to me of impacts as: erosion of ground, deforestations, desertificao, pollution, floodings, effect greenhouse and innumerable others. (War and Wedge, 1997).


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