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With regard to the Map of Risk, its end item visualcostuma to be a plant low or sketch (croquis) of the workstation, colorful comcrculos that represent the joined risks. The maps must serfixados in visible places in all the sections of the company so that ostrabalhadores can visualize them. However, more important that the resultadogrfico of the map of risks is the process of participation and envolvement dostrabalhadores in its construction, being able to contribute for educative advances organizativose. In this perspective, it was verified as it is the health of trabalhadoresque act in the CRAS Mire located in the city of Belm and which it percepoem security and health in the work environment. Such interest is justified, poisde ownership of such information was possible to know the process of analyzed nolocal work, taking in consideration the number of workers, formaoprofissional, sex, age, types of training involving security and health, hours of working, main instruments and materials of work, exerted activities, type of environment and organizacional climate.

1. BOARDINGS IN HEALTH OF the TRABALHOR With the dapoltica advent of health of the worker had occurred significant changes in the ltimosanos that had made possible a new to look at on the dimension of the work quantoa well-taken care of related to the prevention of occupational illnesses. Through this research it was possible to investigate of that chisel work produces adoecimento process. The focus of the work if gave atravsda understanding in the different ways of resistance and them strategies of defesaao level of the psychic structure. The work if constituted around some constataesdo agreement of the form the work it is carried through and one identified to way searched quetrabalhadores construct to its to it practises It subjectivity labor can be understood as all effort that ohomem, in the exercise of its physical and mental capacity, executes for objective atingirseus in accord with the ethical principles.


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