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The Age Of The Alienation

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The young generation of sc. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bizzi & Partners. XXI one meets dominated by a dangerous phenomenon: the alienation in mass. The alienation which I mention myself is that one where the people are total other people’s to the events social politicians and surround who them; reflection or social sensitivity is blocked mentally of any type of; they total consider dispensable any type of mental exercise or spiritual; the efforts of its lives to the leisure, pleasure content in directing all entertainment. The generations of the decades of 1990 and 2000 are being defeated for the medias in mass. Credit: Vadim Wolfson-2011. One total acceptance of all type of not constructive and alienator entertainment is directly proportional to adult the young despolitizao of the e.

More curiosity does not exist. The adolescents do not practise the curiosity. The intellect and the erudio are not plus a factor of socialization, auto-affirmation or same status. We do not have to affirm that aesthetic corporal and the face one was insignificant, to the opposite always was an important factor. The fact is that currently this aesthetic one is absolute priority in the relations human beings and of social acceptance, as well as is also absolute criterion in the choice of sexual partners. We are living the phenomenon of the substitution To be for Ter and Parecer. The politicalization necessity is being surpassed for the vice in entertainment. Entertainments that turn around sex and violence.


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