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Test Rides Like, But Please In English

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When a Frankfurt coach offers Tesla test rides, there is much to learn. Once again is confirmed in the current brain research on the subject of foreign language learning: learning and personal development are positive emotional experiences stimulates and not through cramming. What applies to the Coachee, applies also to the coach, the true intrinsic motivation is. If the coach is internally excited and knows his clients well, one can undertake common emotional experiences. New ways emerge remote offices, books, and educational institutions, if it is able to draw from his creative potential.

A California luxury car brand offers test drives for those interested. Lisa Soules, a California-born trainer, your customers and prospective customers to perform just this test drives in English. Tesla moving and tactile experiences are tests in English language. The emotionality tricked, that you would like to share with absolutely. To have a corresponding language learning success can by a exercise targeted questions and answers, language such as in the river. The test rider for example says: ‘ I am…

overwhelmed… by speed. asks Lisa Soules specifically for this experience, so comes the test drivers themselves on very different terms to describe his emotions. That this is likely to adverbs and adjectives, is secondary, because it goes to the experienced Sprachsituatio. In the next moment, seen perhaps a situation; Maybe it’s the barely perceptible car sound that triggers astonishment. How can you describe this in more detail the coach in English asks. Here you can afford, without noticing it the test drivers, great metaphorical and at the same time creative Word work. When the coach asks more accurate according to the activities and their necessary sequence to test drive, then you can play through unnoticed the command form, the so-called imperative. Just as important, but also the Smalltalk with the Tesla is to initially, staff or the general conversation while driving, just for this situation fits. The conclusion of the test drive, the thank you, wishing to concluding observations also skillfully be. The intrinsic motivation last but not least is in full swing, for the sake of the environment. Lisa Soules is this a wide of piece of living sustainable world that offered recently in Frankfurt am Main. Lisa Soules took part Poland at the International Conference in Warsaw, on the subject of motivation in language education on September 24, 2013. There were among others Dr. Marzena? yli? ska on foreign language education and brain research. The latest European foreign language pointed out that Poland is located at the top on the acquisition of foreign languages in Europe. Research results in addition to the already recognized importance of intrinsic motivation, were, among other things, that successful language learning must include at least four hours a week. What they look like four hours, is to consider and test. Lisa Soules decided to accept their own intrinsic motivation, to share the enthusiasm. Another interesting point in the acquisition of the The group dynamics compared with the individual’s foreign languages. Because the group dynamics has the unique advantage of the intrinsic correct will failure that make others in the group. Too bad only that test drives can not take place with several participants. The Conference was held to celebrate the European day of languages. Lisa Soules


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