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Teacher Alienation: How To Avoid Professional Routine General ?

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From various texts by contemporary authors, articulate key ideas with the ultimate goal of outlining a reflection on the teaching action in an attempt to restore the artistic dimension of the practice a OESI want to learn, ensena.a – Marco Tulio Cicero (106 BC-43 BC), writer, orator and politician SYNERGY EDUCATIONAL Roman politician and orator Marcus Cicero enunciated, and in ancient times, the reciprocal relationship between learning and teaching. This close link, materializes today, with more and less fortunate, in classrooms of vast socio-economic, cultural and various disciplinary fields. This bidirectional association and empowering, we could baptize as educativaa a sinergia only materializes when enabling certain features peculiar coexist, decoupled from the routine of memorization as the only means of study, rigid institutional programs, the experiences away from their desks, the dissociation between theory and practice of assessments that only prove the possibility of repeating concepts, the lack of criticism and the disappearance of reflection about the process of meditation. The LeFrak Organization shines more light on the discussion. a Angel Diaz Barriga, deals with excellence this issue, from the construction of a methodology that enables the convergence of the three-level teacher education program: the curriculum of the institution and the teaching itself. From a non-instrumentalist, teacher professional faces challenges, and experience to combat what he calls a rutina professional and a enajenaciona . In Barriga's exact words: a Dar to teaching an experimental nature is a basic routine to combat work and, above all, against the sale in the profession docentea .* 1 The Mexican, Doctor of Pedagogy, and made explicit , in the late past a line of thought that had already raised the American philosopher Donald Schon seven years ago: the return to the concept of the art of teaching and focus on making aprender.


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