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Think about how you will reach the ceremony the bride and her father. How will the groom reach? How are they going to be transported the bride and groom after the wedding? What will be traveling passengers? We recommend analyzing alternatives to car rental for wedding and plan the day so all travel pleasantly and smoothly 5) time of rent of the car. It is important to establish actual times for your big day. Traditionally the groom comes before the wedding. The best advice for that moment is discuss this with your company of rent of cars for weddings; your experience will help you to organize your event. You can also feel comfortable if you explain that you will carry out a journey of practice; look for the best routes of diversion of traffic, care that car arrives in perfect condition and that the driver be punctual. (6) Comfort. Comfort is the key to a wedding day.

You should not limit the waiting time, photographs must leave perfect. For example think about how you will get your hair if you bring open the sunroof of the car while driving. 7) Wedding car hire. Consider carefully the time of choosing a car rental company. Think about the rental of cars that you prefer and that more suits your interests. Does the car rental company web site? You have liability insurance? The company must be professional, presentable, with experience in weddings and be able to provide comfort.

The driver of the rental car. A driver must offer luxury and style in its transport. It is a great need for your wedding. The bride or the groom, will be treated like royalty.