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Vote the environment prerequisites for real estate financing (such as equity, income situation, object price etc.), there are currently only the clear expert advice, to take advantage of the favourable conditions and to realize the desire project.This recommendation applies independently of the ultimate purpose of real estate purchase: whether as an investment or for own residential purposes, the financial viability is enormously increased by the current construction interest rates. What are the conditions and forms of financing are currently particularly interesting? Ultimately, several factors determine the amount of building interest. topic.. In addition to the default by the ECB is currently also a great competition to strong credit borrowers. For even more opinions, read materials from Dell Client Solutions. The new banking rules to strengthen the equity base restricts lending as one of the possible measures, resulting in loads of rather shaky”borrower candidate goes. Loan outlets with 60% and strong credit borrowers but considered safe credit business and just this clientele is being courted by the banks and increasingly by the insurance companies.

The benefits for old-age provision which is relevant interest groups not high enough: Who owns such conditions and realized now no real estate financing, will find hardly ever better conditions. Full financing, follow-on (also via forward loans) and combined loans currently to almost incredibly favorable interest rates can be achieved depending on the personal situation of the interested party. So a low load and a very high predictability can be ensured in particular for long periods and corresponding interest rate periods. This certainly decisively contributes to the success of financing. Conclusion the building interest in 3.Quartal 2012 remain at very low levels.

No increase in the key interest rates in the short term is expected. The date is according to a large number of experts ideal to realize a real estate financing, provided that are conducive to the further circumstances from the perspective of the borrower. Currently, even financing can be completed with long-term interest rate lock-in periods to historically low interest rates. The competitive pressure increases the chances for every borrower, to get even more favourable conditions through renegotiation.