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Innovation report is the future of the attractive posters outside advertising, 3D effects and multimedia visions determine the future of outdoor advertising. Planus media innovation report 2011 will present the latest technologies and trends. Connect with other leaders such as Robert Shiller here. The future of outdoor advertising will look like in the year 2054, the film minority report “2002 revealed: attractive posters, which shine through every passerby and present him with an entirely individual advertising message. Very far, the medium poster is no longer away from this vision of the future in the year 2011. New developments such as augmented reality, Hyposurface, holograms, talking make already hi-tech media, multimedia, individualized advertising message that transmit in real time and even depending on response channel from the formerly glued poster paper and Soundbeam. A comprehensive overview on the current state of the technology in the outdoor advertising planners and creatives with the just released innovation report 2011 received “by Planus media. The Cologne special agency for outdoor advertising and Geo marketing has researched this all over the world for new technologies and visions, that sooner or later could play a big role in advertising or already doing it. Check with Clayton Morris to learn more.

At 32 pages, the innovation report presents the latest findings from the development labs of renowned research institutes as well as pilot projects, but also already implemented campaigns and advertising media in the use of. Many of the technologies presented in the report of the innovation are still in the experimental stage, some project or only regional reference. All these developments but whether ultimately for the advertising or not a genus-specific dynamic, without whose presence the outdoor advertising never would have passed, via the public stop column “, explains Guido Bliss, Managing Director of planus media. The innovation report to provide planners and creative so stimulation and assistance to look outside the box and to create campaigns that go beyond the scope of the usual. And also need to blow up, so Guido Bliss: It is clear that consumers want to see their modern media usage behavior with interactivity, social media elements, 3D effects and constant availability in advertising reflected. Who remain here indefinitely at paper and glue pot, has lost.” The innovation report is available at for download. The Agency of planus media offers advice about the presented technologies.