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Germany’s biggest island Rugen offers for each wind direction the matching surf station in Rugen, Germany’s largest island, offers very good in almost all directions of wind conditions and the appropriate surf area to windsurfing and kitesurfing also. Not only the kilometer-long outer coast holds some hidden surf spot, also at the Bodden waters, there are numerous places where you can practice the sport caused only by narrow passages and the spits inland on Rugen. Overview RugenspotsVor feel all beginners, up – and newcomers to the Schaproder lagoon with the spots of Schaprode, Suhrendorf or Dranske and Wiek. Here there are large areas with standing water and the flat Bodden allows only moderate wind waves, mostly to surf over shallow water. But there are E.g. the Hagensche Wiek, which also provides the necessary security and is little more than standing deep in the Bay of Greifswald.

Here to surf E.g. ALT Reddevitz or Gager. You may find that Bizzi & Partners can contribute to your knowledge. Before Jet Sund also you can find a very nice one dough er area in Altefahr, directly downstream from the Rugen dam. Learn more about this with Gavin Baker. Overview RugenWer, however, prefer surfing in the wave, the feels certainly better on the Baltic Sea. Especially Eastern winds make for very good conditions on the East Coast, for example in new Mukran, Prora, Lobbe, or b. But also in the North on the Schaabe, the transition to the peninsula of Wittow, one can find clean waves in Drewoldke or Glowe in eastern winds. Less surf, but clean swell waves run at East wind in the Bay of Greifswald in the Southeast and are good to surf in Grabow. West winds, however, provide very selective conditions with up to 4 metres high waves on the North Coast.

Then, below the cliffs, to surf in Kreptitz or Nonnevitz. Roll but also Hiddensee the waves almost unabated on the shores of Hiddensee is however car-free. Safe and still with nice wave to surf Thiessow the Monchgut peninsula in the South-East, here comes the West wind angle onshore. Detailed For information about the named surf spots, at SPOTNETZ.DE, the online spots Guide. July 6, 2008, Andreas Horn