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Peter could not stop, he cheated on his wife, but had always been against divorce, asked for forgiveness, repent and stay home. And now, the husband filed for divorce and left her for another woman he knew Anastasia on the work that she has seen almost every day, and who was younger than 11 years. "Life ended, I was quite old, my daughter grew up, I do not need nobody "- with these words addressed Anastasia for help. Psychological counseling for women came at a time when, after a divorce several months. The property was already divided, the children assessed alimony. These stories are not uncommon when a woman is in a state of divorce, suffering and suffering. Woman has to live with rupture of relations with her dear man. Women on psychological techniques suggest that when the years lived with her husband, and all these years, she made it home bright and cozy, the food prepared for him, gave birth to and raised his children, it captures the unbearable pain, moral, psychological and even physical.

Divorce – is one of the strongest emotional and mental turmoil that persists for the whole family without a trace. Doctors have found that psychological and emotional trauma, woman obtained a divorce, can cause serious illnesses, from low immunity and gastritis to gastric ulcers or nervous disorders. If the situation continues to divorce the woman think about this event negatively, by the same token, it creates a stressful, situation. When you constantly about something you think you are giving her the object of thought energy, and this may lead to the very real trauma.

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Muchosol, leading portal for rent online apartments for rent in Spain, has carried out a comparative study on how tourism has evolved during the last year. It is the economic crisis affecting tourism? Spending and the days of stay are determining factors to check it. The average expenditure per stay falls 7% in 2010 as well, at a general level, we see that while in 2009 the average expenditure per stay climbed to 964 euros, in 2010 this figure has been reduced nearly 7 per cent descending to 884 euros. Spain, which in 2009 was already a 15% below the European average of spending, has seen fall its spending average stay in 2010 up to 780 euros. In the rest of Europe, except in the Netherlands, they have seen their average holiday costs were reduced.

The most remarkable falls has been the German and French tourists who have invested in your vacation by 11% and 10% less than in 2009 respectively. Tourists who have over spent this year have been Russians, choosing as destination mainly the Costa Brava, with an average of 1,327 euros per stay, 16% more than the Netherlands, situated in second position. The increase suffered by United Kingdom has also been considerable, with 38% more than expense coming up to 850 euros. The days of stay decrease also other data critical in analysing how the crisis has affected tourism in this past year is the length of stay. Spain, which has been reduced the number of days of stay of tourists by 5%, is below the European average with 7 days duration, one day and less than the 8.5 of the other countries of the continent. Germans and Russians are placed in front of the classification of days of stay with 14.8 and 13, 5 respectively.

Curious case of the Germans, who have increased 33% your period of stay in rented accommodations, reaching 43% above the European average. French tourists have been minimally reduced their days of stay, going from 9.8 to 9.4, and the Dutch, despite having increased their holiday spending, they have also reduced it 3 days, going from 10 to 7. About Muchosol Muchosol is the leading portal in Spain in the vacation rental on the internet. After a few years of strong growth, the portal now allows reserve 4,500 apartments online, paying by credit card and without leaving the web. Muchosol has presence also in Russia, Netherlands, France and United Kingdom, where it has own portals. Data relevant to the study universe: 450,000 bookings of holiday accommodation. INE font and homemade. Sample: 9,000 reservations made from January to September, in the years 2009 and 2010. Sampling error: 1% Note: data include only Spanish tourist areas. To know of Figueres in Costa Brava Blog of tourism and accommodation Costa Brava, Spain Visiting the world map of prejudices about the Europeans ‘ the lonely George car hire alicante airport Blog Archive Traveling to Spain The Spanish Regional Travel Guide garden wall fountain Garden Decor For Everyone