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Free Orientation Sessions For Developers: Building Awareness For All

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All customers, which have the intent this year to build, should it to the introductory orientation around the building not miss the experience has taught that most home buyers have only very vague ideas about the, what comes to the construction of a single-family house on it. For more information see Greenberg Traurig. Many questions arise: for example what type of House comes in question for me? How to deal with often little understood contract texts? How do I keep the control of the cost? Or: What is required for the land acquisition? Thus the House dream with unrealistic planning, only sales-oriented advice and lack of cost transparency can quickly become a lifelong nightmare. Since one year Berlin Company K.O.M concept newly on the market offers therefore deliberately non-committal information events and indicating that there is another way. Orientation in the jungle of offers for those who just want to learn, there is regularly free orientation sessions with lots of good tips at the K.O.M concept. Aim is, Transparency regarding the entire decision-making and construction across, to avoid disappointments and disputes. The two-hour orientation sessions include lectures on the topics of financing, property search and acquisition, the construction costs as well as the idea of the K.O.M. concept House.

It is so thoroughly informed and advised – decision pressure. It is equipped with this knowledge, then able to ask the right questions at the home seller. Also all who were at a construction company and feel uncertainty as regards their decision, are welcome. On request participants will be free of charge via the fine print”may already be existing contracts and deals cleared up. So can be informed about the financing side of competent, the events together with our cooperation partners from financing activities are carried out. These take place in the rooms of each cooperating Bank, and it is each a finance Professional and a building reconnaissance aircraft by K.O.M concept to be present. The round is completed by a more representative of the real estate sector, so really all questions around the build competent can be answered. In your area, you can find the dates in the Internet on the homepage of the company under or under the free hotline 0800 566 26 62.

interested parties should sign up now, just in time for construction projects in 2010 to be equipped. “The participants can purchase decision only after comprehensive information of such a solid information basis is then either after careful consideration of the currently offered house concept” decide the company K.O.M. concept, or they go now as a professional and no longer only a layman, in the next sales meetings and negotiations of other construction companies and providers in the industry. O.Munk